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We are two brothers from Italy. We love the old school of videogame and our favorite consoles are NES, SNES, NEO GEO, SATURN and SEGA MEGA-DRIVE.
Here you can follow our project like beat em up, platform and RPG games created with many tool and engine (like MMF, RPG Maker and OpenBOR).
We writing also for SEEP Bar, our second blog dedicated to Retrogaming and Indie Games.
This is a cool created by bfggamepassion is dedicated to SEEP (language French, subtitles English).
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Siamo due fratelli cresciuti a pane e videogiochi. Amaiamo l'old school e le nostre console preferite sono NES, SNES, NEO GEO, SATURN and SEGA MEGA-DRIVE.
Qui puoi seguire i nostri progetti dedicati a picchiaduro a scorrimento, platform e RPG; realizzati con differenti tool e engine (come MMF, RPG Maker or OpenBOR).
Scriviamo anche per il SEEP Bar, il nostro secondo blog dedicato interamente al Retrogaming e al mondo indie.
Sopra potete vedere un video dedicato a SEEP in lingua francese con sottotili in italiano realizzato da bfggamepassion.
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